Our team / Services

At Sallas Real Estate we receive the best reviews for the great effort we make in the field of real estate construction, and this can be seen in the constant increase in preference shown to us by our clients.
Our team consists of engineers, technicians and experts of different trades who are oriented in the fields of design, constructions and supervision of construction projects, offering all the services needed for your new home, villa or business, all from within a single office.

Land and Real Estate Market Consulting

Salla Real Estate is the best choice whether you want to buy, sell or rent a property in Crete. With a large network of partners provides a comprehensive approach to real estate sales including legal, financial coverage.

Property Research, Study and Design

Having undertaken the study, design and construction of many projects in Crete, Sallas Real Estate is one of the most experienced and competitive companies in the industry. The company undertakes the design and construction of private projects, mainly villas, private houses (houses) and hotels in Crete and especially in the regions of Rethymno and Heraklion. Sallas constructs private projects as per the client's desire. Having great experience and knowledge of the subject, Sallas is the right choice for the completion of a construction that combines high quality, low cost and immediate completion.

Building Renovation and Upgrading in Crete

Sallas Real Estate provides the solutions if you want to change your home or workplace. It provides high quality interior and exterior renovation services which include the upgrade of an existing building, interior design, reconstruction of exterior facades, restoration of listed buildings, but also upgrade-reconstruction of individual rooms (eg. bathroom, kitchen, etc.).

Property Management in Crete

The seasons and the weather may affect your villa in Crete, but the experienced partners of "Sallas Real Estate" undertake interior and exterior repairs and high quality decoration according to your own specifications.


Property Management in Crete

We regularly visit the villa, where we inspect the interior and exterior of the villa, followed by a full report, including photos where necessary. We perform regular pool maintenance where we take care of the regular cleaning, the replenishment of chemicals and the regular leak control. If your property has its own garden, we offer a weekly visit from a professional gardener. In general, we develop a regular maintenance program and work related to gutter cleaning, pest control, lawn care, outdoor washing and AC maintenance. We can assist with utility providers from registration to troubleshooting and we can arrange for the payment of emergency / utility bills. We send you monthly invoice statements for maintenance and repairs including all bills. We can also help you prepare your holiday villa at the beginning and end of the holiday season so you do not have to worry about storing outdoor furniture. If necessary, we offer specialized tax and legal services in collaboration with the leading accountants and lawyers in Crete.

Villa Rental in Crete

At Sallas Real Estate we make your life easy by offering you complete rental and management services of luxury homes and villas. Starting with the advertising of your property in Crete (all regions), we assure that your villa is ready to receive guests and then we provide a complete support package for them and for you. We undertake rental bookings and simply deposit the rental money in your bank account, without having to deal with this area further. In addition to the comprehensive villa management service, we also offer a unique RENTAL villa management service, which starts with a check-in before arrival for incoming guests - this ensures that the villa is 100% ready for guests and includes lamp, battery control smoke detector and complete cleaning inside and out. We also have cleaning staff to take care of the cleanliness of the house before arrival, the cleanliness of the pool (if any) ensuring the correct chemical levels, we take care of your garden throughout the year. Once everything is ready, we are there to meet and welcome your guests and accompany them to the villa, where we can provide them with all the necessary information about their stay and show them around the property, etc. We leave a folder with information about the villa, the area and our 24-hour contact details. There is also a check-out service and at the end of the customers' stay we undertake the collection of the linen and its preparation for the next arrival.